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about sharon

Having written nine bestselling cookbooks, chef and author Sharon Glass has gained a loyal following with her simple, fuss-free approach to food. Sharon is also a well-loved TV personality with the second series of her own show, Sharon's Simple Stylish Meals having aired earlier this year. She also regularly appears on a South African talk show. Her passion for cooking is contagious and this combined with her easy-to-follow recipes has gained her an even larger audience.

Her travels around the world have inspired her to translate a variety of culinary influences into her recipes. Sharon believes in achieving an optimal balance between taste and nutrition and in her recipes uses fresh ingredients available in well-stocked supermarkets. To attest to her worldly food wisdom, she offers easily accessible substitutes in her books. Having successfully run her own cookery school for 27 years, Sharon has been labeled South Africa's Domestic Goddess (Sunday Times, 2009) and rightfully so!

Since releasing her first self-published book, Simply Delicious in 2000, Sharon has inspired readers with her imaginative and effortless recipes. In 2003, Sharon released the second book in the Delicious series, Simply Too Delicious, followed by Absolutely Delicious in 2005. All three books quickly became bestsellers worldwide.

In 2008, Sharon launched the first two books in a new series - Starting from Scratch and Meals in Minutes, which sold over 460 copies on the night of the launch. Whether you're a novice or a pro, Starting from Scratch is an invaluable reference guide, perfect for any kitchen.

Meals in Minutes is full of easy-to-follow, innovative recipes for a new spin on everyday meals. No matter whether you're just beginning your cooking journey or whether you've travelled this road before, Meals in Minutes will both delight and intrigue you.

In 2009, Simple Stylish Meals and Sweet Endings were launched. With Simple Stylish Meals, Sharon offers food lovers everywhere yet another delightful creation. Designed with both the guests and host in mind, the recipes are simple enough to ensure that you can entertain in style and enjoy it at the same time.

Sweet Endings, the fourth and final book in this series, presents you with easy-to-follow recipes for scrumptious desserts and baked goodies that will make you forget all about calorie-counting.

In 2011, Sharon launched two new sensational cookbooks: Food in a Flash and Effortless Entertaining. In Food in a Flash, Sharon brings to the table a new selection of exciting everyday meals with a health-conscious angle, including a kids' food section. She believes in achieving an optimal balance between taste and nutrition and in her recipes uses fresh ingredients available in well-stocked supermarkets.

In Effortless Entertaining, Sharon inspires you with many combinations, be it an intimate dinner or a big celebration. Following her simple principles and easy-to-understand recipes, you will experience the pleasure of making good food without having to overextend yourself.

In 2013, Sharon continues to teach cooking lessons in her thriving cooking school as well as travel worldwide to do demonstrations and promote her books.

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